how to run a Conversation Project

an actionable and interactive course to help coaches get out of their heads and start talking to people, resulting in fresh ideas, clear language to describe what they do and who they help, and very likely a new client or two.

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    Allegra Stein

    Founder of Misfit to Maverick // Teacher // Mentor

    Who am I?

    Hey, I'm Allegra. I've been a coach for almost a decade and have experimented with all KINDS of Coaching and Marketing Projects.

    Now a mentor to new coaches, the Conversation Project is one of my favorite ways to help them start talking to people and very likely create some new clients along the way.

    What will you learn?

    Included in the course:

    • 5 big things that are holding new coaches back from simply talking to people
    • an exact script to invite people to be part of your Conversation Project
    • a collection of questions to ASK during your Conversations
    • how to close those Conversations and what to do with everything you learn from them